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NFFF in the Media

A key function of the NFFF is to positively represent fish and chips in the media.  Here is an archive of stories that have appeared in the newspapers, on television and online news.
Antrim Times

The Chippy crowned as inaugral Quality Award 'Champion'
The news of Antrim's 'The Chippy' taking the honours at the National Fish & Chip Awards 2013 reaches the local paper

The Dundee Courier

iFish4Chips featured in the Angus edition of the Dundee Courier
NFFF EC for Scotland Stuart Atkinson spoke to his local paper to help publicise our smart phone app and its use in promoting small independent businesses

Bloomberg logo

Fish & Chips battered in UK as deluge leaves soggy potato crop
NFFF President Gregg Howard speaks to USA based business and economics media giant Bloomberg on the rising cost of potatoes.

The Guardian Newspaper How to eat: fish and chips!
What's your idea of faultless fish and chips? Tony Naylor prepares the ground for the battle of the batter - will there be peas in our time?
Fish & chips not fattening - but watch portion sizes, says study
Fish and chips fattening? Not if they are cooked properly and provided over-large portions of Britain's most popular dish are not served.
Oil and obesity: Frying lessons for fast food workers
Takeaway owners in London have been having lessons in how to make fried food healthier.
A Royal plea for sustainable fish and chips
As a former Royal Navy officer, keen angler and the UK's heir apparent, it makes sense that Prince Charles would be inclined to worry about the future of fish and chips.
His 'Royal Fryness' is out to save our fish suppers!
Prince Charles warned yesterday that the national delicacy of fish and chips is in danger unless our oceans are managed for future generations.
Save our fish and chip shops: Prince Charles goes into battle for our iconic national dish
He warned that ocean stocks must be managed more sustainably so people can "carry on enjoying this peculiarly British tradition”.
Cod Wars: Chippies to batter VAT Man
After days of fallout from 'Pastygate', the government is facing a revolt from Briatain's Fisn and Chip Shop ownerswho are seeking to claiom back millions of pounds in VAT.
'Pasty tax' confusion continues
The decision to add VAT to the price of all food sold at "above ambient temperature" has confused and angered many.
The great fish and chip revolt: Chippies will lead the way in fight against VAT on takeaways
Just days after pastygate the government faces another backlash after fish and chip shop owners announced they will start a legal bid to claim back millions of pounds in VAT.
Postage and pasties: some more fine messes that Brussels has got us into?
Why are our politicians so keen to hide the hand that our government in Brussels has had in the latest fiascos?