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iFish4Chips - Official Smartphone Guide - Click to Download!

iFish4Chips - Official Smartphone Guide

The official smartphone guide to the best fish and chip shops and restaurants in the country...
Our smart phone app, available for the iPhone and Android, is designed as a handy tool for the public to locate the nearest fish and chip shops and restaurants in a specific town, city or county using a GPS location.

The app will help drive footfall, promote the industry and create a greater awareness of fish and chip shops among the next generation of technology savvy, potential customers.

How to use the App

The iFish4Chips App couldn't be simpler to use! Once downloaded to your smartphone the App will use your phone's GPS facility to work out where it is to locate shops nearby to your position. Plus you can use the App to search for specific options like shops with good parking, restaurant facilities, disabled access, specific dietary requirements plus many more options.
Its as easy as one, two, three!
1. Search 
Use the App to search for shops nearby or further afield, you choose!
2. Filter 
Filter your search for good parking, restaurant facilities, disabled access and more!
3. Contact
View individual shops facilities, recommendations, contact details and more!

How to get the App?

IFish4Chips is available to the public as a free download via iTunes, the Apple App store, Google Play for the Android version as well as a dedicated website

Will I be on it?

A full entry on iFish4Chips is FREE as an NFFF membership benefit.

Only NFFF members and Quality Award holding shops will have a full 'premium' entry on the app with a picture and links.

If you would like to update your entry please contact us via specifying your membership number and completing the e-mail subject line as: iFish4Chips, entry update and detailing the changes you would like to be made.

None member shops are being added to the app daily and will appear as a greyed out entry.  If this is you and you want a full listing please contact us on 0113 230 7044 to discuss your options.