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The national charity that delivers emergency response and welfare help to active and retired fishermen and their families

The Fishermans Mission

The Fishermans Mission"The day the Fishermen's Mission visited, it was like a cloud had been lifted from over the harbour, things had been bad for a while and now I knew there was hope!"
[quote from an Inshore Fishermen from a Port in the South West]

Since 1881 the Fishermen’s Mission has supported Fishermen and their families in time of need. As a charity we have modernised and adjusted to meet the changes in the fishing fleet. Originally we ran a fleet of ships which supported the fishing fleet as they worked at sea for weeks at time.

As needs changed we built centres with accommodation, canteens, laundry and medical area.

Over the last 10 years we adapted again, selling and replacing our old traditional Fishermen’s Mission Centres and providing mini centres with showers, wifi and laundry areas in ports where there is a need whilst our key focus is getting out into the community and supporting beneficiaries who qualified for our support in the past but were missed as they could not get to a centre to access help.

The Fishermans Mission

The Fishermans Mission
  • Last year the as a charity the Fishermen's Mission helped 280 Fishermen following emergencies at sea including sickness, injury and survivors of sinking’s.
  • We visited 4,861 fishing boats and made 10,744 home and hospital visits to Fishermen and their families.
  • Sadly, we conducted 291 funerals for Fishing Families, responded to 17 fishing fatalities at sea and continue to provide support for over 752 Widows of Fishermen who we support.
  • Our team at the Fishermen’s Mission deliver regular welfare and support work, helping elderly and vulnerable beneficiaries complete secure funding to make their lives better, last year this was in excess of £1.1 Million.
  • Whilst we have a regular programme of community outreach Fishermen’s Mission Staff are on call to respond to calls from the emergency services to assist Fishermen in distress. We work closely with other maritime groups including community lifeboats to ensure that when the crew of a fishing boat are rescued we can be there, with a change of clothing and a mobile phone so they can get warm and dry, call their family and let them know they are safe and know that the Fishermen’s Mission will be on hand to support them as they put their lives back together.

We're immensely proud to be Associate Members of the NFFF and to have such strong support from Federation members - from having one of our collection boxes (known as Alberts) to taking in part in National Fish and Chip Day (2nd June 2017) the support we receive from you makes a major difference in what we do as a charity.

On behalf of those families we have helped to date and those your fundraising activities mean we will be able to support in the Future.


If you would like to contact the Fishermen’s Mission you can do so by emailing

The Fishermans Mission