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The NFFF & British Takeaway Campaign’s Hugh Mantle to join T-level advisory board

The NFFF & British Takeaway Campaign’s Hugh Mantle to join T-level advisory board

Hugh Mantle of the NFFF & British Takeaway Campaign (BTC) will advise the government as it develops the new catering and hospitality T-level, set to be rolled out in 2022.

Mantle will be joined on the panel by Marriott executive James Welch; Robert Marshall-Slater, head of hospitality at Kendal College; and Johanna Keith, apprenticeship manager at Azzurri Restaurants, the group behind Zizzi and Ask.

Mantle, who is also the director of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), will represent the takeaway sector, and ensure the course will help address its skill shortage.

Mantle has worked in the catering and hospitality sector for more than 30 years and specialises in industry training. He is currently a trainer at the NFFF’s dedicated training academy as well as with major brands including Whitbread and Harry Ramsden’s.

Commenting on his appointment to the T-level panel, he said: “The BTC’s appointment to the catering and hospitality T-level panel provides a great opportunity to make sure that the qualification fits the needs of businesses, and the BTC will play its part in providing a voice on behalf of takeaway restaurants across the country.

“We want to get more young British people fired up about working in this exciting industry by ensuring they get the right training to build successful careers in the sector.”

Ibrahim Dogus, chair of the British Takeaway Campaign, added: “The catering and hospitality T-level marks an important first step in addressing shortages and will boost business confidence – particularly as 37% of takeaways think Brexit will make recruitment even more difficult.

“Looking ahead, as a sector representing tastes and cuisines from across the globe, we want to work with government to ensure that takeaway restaurants have access to a range of specialist skills from at home and abroad. In addition to upskilling the domestic workforce, this can be achieved with a post-Brexit immigration system that enables the takeaway sector to access specialist chefs and staff they need from around the world.”

Story By: British Takeaway Campaign

Date : 11-09-2018
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