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Catch up with Issue 4 of Fish Friers Review

Catch up with Issue 4 of Fish Friers Review

This issue 4 of the Fish Friers Review we celebrate National Fish and Chip Day which took place on Friday 1st June! Thank you if you sent across pictures of the day for us to use.

We talk with Martin Robinson from Robinson's traditional fish & chips after he won FREE NFFF In Shop Training. Martin didn’t initially feel they needed training but following it he did see the benefits.

Interested in marketing? We talk with Krispies - Exmouth and Millers Fish & Chips and pass on advice on how to write a press release.

We welcome WA14, a former NFFF Training Academy student, who studied to be an architect but felt fish and chips was the career for him.

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Story By: NFFF

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Date : 27-06-2018
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