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The National Fish and Chip Day Giveaway! - Become Involved!

The National Fish and Chip Day Giveaway! - Become Involved!

National Fish and Chip Day, organised by NEODA, have teamed up with the Daily Mirror to help spread the love of the nation’s favourite dish and they require your help!

Shops are asked to participate by offering a ‘FREE SMALL FISH AND CHIPS’, valid from Saturday 2nd June until Friday 8th June, when a customer presents the cut out coupon printed in the Daily Mirror.

The feature will run on Friday 1st June within the paper and a list of shops will be shown on the landing page of the Daily Mirror. News permitting, the feature will run within the first half of the newspaper. 

The Daily Mirror offers a circulation of over 565,907 copies, so why not become involved.

To register you’re interest please contact Lynda Simmons on by sending an email titled ‘National Fish and Chip Day – Daily Mirror Giveaway’

We ask shops from all areas of the UK to become involved, but please only become involved if you are 100% committed to the offer. Please note the Daily Mirror have not done this before so are unable to estimate redemptions, figures could stretch from 500-6,000 but possibly up to 10,000 across the board.

Story By: NFFF

Date : 11-05-2018
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