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The Fishermenís Mission, launches 100in10 Campaign to highlight the number of fishermen lost at sea in the last decade

The Fishermen’s Mission, is launching a campaign this week to highlight the number of fishermen lost at sea in the last decade.

Called the 100in10 Campaign, they hope to raise awareness of the dangers of being a fisherman and the devastating impact on families and communities when fishermen are lost at sea.

They are asking people to buy a pair of yellow fishermen’s wellies (with their logo attached) from them.

The boots cost £45.00 + £9.00 p&p and can be ordered from sizes 5.5 to 13. For every pair that is sold they will be tying a yellow ribbon to the flagpole outside their Head Office in Hampshire.

When they have sold 100 pairs these will be used for a photograph that will be released nationally.

Ali Godfrey, Director of Business Development at the Fishermen’s Mission says ‘The work of the Fishermen’s Mission is as necessary today as ever.  Our vital services and support provides practical, financial and pastoral help to local fishermen, both active and retired, and their families as well as a 24/7 emergency response for accidents or illness at sea. We wish to highlight the dangers of fishing and the impact on families and communities when a loved one is lost.’

‘We are the only charity that solely works with fishermen and we will help anyone who works aboard a UK fishing boat’

If you would like to be part of the 100in10 Campaign then you can join in on their website, email or call, using Freephone number 0800 6341020. 


Follow the campaign on Twitter (@thefishmish) and Facebook.

Story By: The Fisherman^s Misson

Date : 01-05-2018
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