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NFFF Statement - Climate change threatens UK's favourite foods as ingredients increase in price Sky News

Following a feature on Sky News this morning from the World Wildlife Fund the NFFF has issued the following response.

The fish and chip industry and the fishing industry have been working to ensure Fish stocks recover and that all Fish used in Fish and chip shops is 100% sustainable. We work closely with MSC to be able to prove this.

From meetings I attended at the Norwegian Ambassadors residence in London, which was also attended by all the main stakeholders from fishermen to supermarkets and also attended by Greenpeace, the information the marine biologists were giving us was that the demersal species such as cod are going to move into a larger body of water which will be at the right temperature for breeding.

The scientists also said that, yes there is global warming due to pollution, but this is masked by a cyclic weather pattern with a frequency of around 70 years so part of the temperature increase is a natural pattern.

We really need the media to get the facts out about sustainability and the great work the fishing and fish and chip industry have done. These negative stories are serving the purpose of making headlines for the respective charities but damaging lots of independent family businesses and are not based on fact.

Andrew Crook

NFFF President

Story By: NFFF

Date : 20-03-2018
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