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The NFFF welcomes Ceres|Pure Food Innovations as an NFFF Associate Member

The NFFF welcomes Ceres|Pure Food Innovations as an NFFF Associate Member

The National Federation of Fish Friers Ltd (NFFF) is delighted to announce Ceres|Pure Food Innovations as the latest organisation to become an NFFF associate member.

NFFF associate members play an essential role in providing products and services to the fish frying industry and in supporting the work of the NFFF in working towards the goal of maintaining fish and chips as the UK’s Number 1 takeaway meal.

Ceres | Pure Food Innovations create great tasting solutions for your fish and chip shop, with an emphasis on providing natural, quality ingredients, and the founders have decades of experience in supplying quality fish and chip batter mixes to the food industry.

First founded in 2009, originally called The Batter Company, they have worked tirelessly to bring real, crispy batter back to fish and chip shops, using the best natural ingredients.

Over the years the range has expanded, with the introduction of sauces, seasonings and coatings, gluten-free batter mixes, and bespoke services.

Stelios Theocharous, Director of Ceres | Pure Food Innovations says: "We are pleased to be re-joining the NFFF as an associate member, and we are so excited to see the bright future the new board brings.

We wish the board and all the staff the best with the future, we all have the same common goal of pushing the industry forward.”

Andrew Crook, President of NFFF said "We are delighted to welcome Ceres and Stelios back as an NFFF Associate Member.

As a Federation it is important to showcase the products and services available to our members. As an industry it is important to work together and push the industry forward and working with Ceres will ensure the industry continues to move forward.

The National Federation of Fish Friers is looking forward to working with Ceres | Pure Food Innovations into the foreseeable future for the benefit of our members.

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Story By: National Federation of Fish Friers

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Date : 07-03-2018
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