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FRY Magazine's search for the 50 Best Takeaways and 10 Best Restaurants is on!

FRY Magazine's search for the 50 Best Takeaways and 10 Best Restaurants is on!The 50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways Competition and 10 Best Fish & Chip Restaurants Competition are back for 2018 as we look to celebrate the best chippies the industry has to offer.

You can enter between 1st November and 31st December 2017 and not only is it free to enter, but itís accessible to everyone. This means you could be a small, husband and wife set up or employ 50 members of staff, you might be an established shop around for years or recently opened and still finding your feet, everyone can enter and everyone will be judged to the same set of criteria by a mystery diner who will be on the look out for a clean, tidy shop, excellent customer service and the highest quality fish and chips. The takeaways and restaurants with the highest scores will make the lists.

While winning is a great way to get your takeaway or restaurant the recognition it deserves - itís often followed up with media coverage and an increase in turnover - you donít have to win for your business to feel the benefits.

By entering, youíre putting your shop or restaurant through a thorough 40 point assessment, all the details of which you will receive by way of a copy of your mystery dining paper. Not only will you be able to see when you were dined, but who served the mystery diner, how staff greeted them, whether the order was processed smoothly, the cleanliness of the shop as well as the quality of your fish and chips.

In essence, itís a run-down of how your business performs on a day-to-day basis through the eyes of a customer. Use this to improve your business, support staff through appraisals and training, or simply to give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Whatever your reasons for entering are, just make sure you do as we canít put anyone through after the deadline.

Entry is quick and easy, simply decide which category you want to enter and fill out the online form. It will take less than two minutes and thereís no supporting material or literature you need to submit. Weíll do the rest while you focus on serving great quality fish and chips.

How to enter
Entry is quick and simple, just follow the steps below:
1. Decide which category to enter Ė either Best Fish & Chip Shops or Best Fish & Chip Restaurants.You may only enter one shop and only one category.
2. Visit from 1st November until 31st December.
3. Fill in the short form, remembering to use your shop details not your personal details.
4. A mystery diner will be sent to visit your premises.
5. Wait for the results to be announced on or before May 2018 and for your feedback to be sent out.
6. Those that make the 50 Best Shops & 10 Best Restaurants will be provided with free POS material to promote their win.

Story By: Reece Head

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Date : 01-11-2017
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