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Kingfisher Fish and Chips is hoping to become the first Michelin-starred takeaway


Inspectors from the illustrious guide have earmarked Kingfisher Fish and Chip shop for a series of secret visits.

If it passes their strict code of outstanding quality it will be the first of its kind to win a star.

Coveted by chefs around the world, the stars are awarded only after several clandestine visits. Consistency is the key trait inspectors look for, on top of quality and range of ingredients.

Kingfisher, in Plymouth, has already been voted the best in the UK, winning the 2017 National Fish and Chip award.

Its menu includes whole lobster, smoked herring and Cornish sardine fishcakes.

All of the 12 species it serves are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council and it is one of only two UK fish and chip businesses to hold a prized three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The Michelin guide confirmed it was aware of Kingfisher, adding that their inspectors "are taking it into consideration” when they visit Plymouth.

The chip shop is owned by Craig Maw and Nikki Mutton.

Craig said: "Neither of us have ever eaten in a Michelin-starred restaurant but we’re delighted Michelin are considering us. Who’d have thought a fish and chip shop could be Michelin starred?

"It would be great for the fish and chip shop industry as a whole and of course Plymouth too.

"Perhaps it’s about time the fish and chip industry got this level of recognition.

"Many of us have balanced being a traditional chippy with modernising our menus, you don’t just get cod and haddock now.

"Demand for different species of fish means that many chip shops are serving exquisite dishes. We are of course known for our lobster and chips.

"We look forward to a mystery guest from Michelin visiting us, it will be nothing new though, we’re used to being inspected by judges as we were in the run-up to the national fish and chip shop awards.”

Date : 13-02-2017
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